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Underage gaming policy



Ent Tech Solutions Limited Liability Company is the owner company of the games and services of the website . The company is registered under number: 4062001305655, and under the address: San Jose Mata Redonda, Neighborhood Las Vegas, Blue Building Diagonal to a Salle Highschool.

The Games and Services provided by Ent Tech Solutions LLC are intended for people over 18 years old. Anyone underage of 18 is restricted to access the gaming platform by the law, and furthermore, is not allowed to create an account or play any of the games.


The company follows the rules and regulations in order to prevent children from gambling. To do so Ent Tech Solutions LLC, implemented a system that checks the age of the users through uploaded documents. That is, the company has the right to request any type of document that can confirm the age of the client. Anyone willing to use the services provided by Ent Tech Solutions LLC is responsible to commit to our rules and regulations and understand the importance of it.


In case the company is unable to check the age of the user, it has the right to temporarily close the account until the necessary documents are uploaded for review. Additionally, if the documents are not received after all, and the company is not able to verify the age of the user, Ent Tech Solutions LLC has the right to refuse to provide any services, and completely remove/block the account of the client.


The act of violation of the rules and regulations of Ent Tech Solutions LLC, regarding underage gaming/gambling, will lead to:

       Suspension of the account,

       Loss of the user’s progress in the platform,

       The player will be obligated to return the amount of money that he/she has previously withdrawn from the account,

       The funds deposited into the account will be returned only to the legal representative of the underage player,

       All the transactions will be invalidated.


Any adult user of the gaming platform, who shares the same computer with an underage, should prevent the child from accessing the services provided by Ent Tech Solutions LLC.

Our company recommends installing filtering software on the computer, for the purpose of restricting access to the platform to an underage child. Finally, please, do not save the password, as this reduces the chance that any child may get access to the website.


For any further questions, regarding the terms and services of underage gaming, feel free to contact us at: